Ian Andrews


The Red King's Dream (1993)

The Red King's Dream (1993)
  • Meridian, audiotheque, Australian Sound Art, at XEBEC, Kobe, Japan, 20-29 November 1993.
  • Sound States: Uncertain Destinations, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, May 2 -25, 1997.

Controlled miniature acoustic feedback environments, electronic feedback loops, RF leakage and radiated emissions, crosstalk, hum, microphonics; emissions from computer installations, ECG and diathermy machines, photocopiers. Audio feedback (the squealing heard when a microphone picks up its own amplified signal) is a paradox of self-reference, a short-circuit audio path that loops to infinity. Feedback is analogous to micro-miniature self-organising systems and phenomena, cellular automata, chaotic systems and chemical self-organisation.