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Dormative Hypothesis (1996-97)

Dormative Hypothesis yawing man image

Radio Program 2MBS-FM 1996-97

Success (excerpt, 30:33, 29.3MB)
Stereo (excerpt 14:03, 13.5MB)

A two hour live radio program of illogic, hyperthesis and crackpot ideologies for the non-linear mind. An Ambient environmental soundscape mixed with a large component of spoken word (poetry, rants, instructions, tirades, manifestos, theories, cut-ups) forming a psuedo-documentary of intense immersion therapy and colliding contextual fields - mixed live from a variety of sources including tape, vinyl, CD, samples, synths and mellotron.

The program consists of a continuous uninterrupted soundscape . - encompasing a different theme each time - eg, outer-space, miscommunications, submarines, hypnotism, nightmares, biological mistakes, robots, religion, LSD, stereo.