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Ian Andrews - texts


'Poethics, Epoché, and Contingency,' Parrhesia, 28 (2017), http://www.parrhesiajournal.org/parrhesia28/parrhesia28_andrews.pdf

'And... Fractured Feral Tales'(with Ruark Lewis and Eric Bridgeman), Unlikely, issue 01(2015).< http://unlikely.net.au/>

'Sonic Practice as Research: The Problem of Aesthetics', New Scholar, Vol 2, No. 1 (2013) 67-80. (journal site is down/dead?) here is the pdf

Post Digital Aesthetics (ISEA2013)

Chance, Non-intention and Process, 2012, pdf

Lo-Fi Cartridge Construction and Function of the Constraint, 2012, Communauté électroacoustique canadienne, cec/econtact /14.3 /

Thinking Art Post-aesthetically (PhD Dissertation 2011)

The Vinyl Archives : A Conversation, catalogue essay, (2010).

The Expanded-contracted Field of Recent Audio-Visual Art, (2009). Scan, Vol. 6, No. 2 (September 2009).

Post-digital Aesthetics (MAP-uts lecture 2002). pdf

A Fun Night Out with Severed Heads, (2002).

Electromatic: a retrospective (program notes)

Object to be Destroyed: an excess of interpretation (unpublished 1994). pdf

Telegraphic Language (unpublished 1991). pdf

Miniature Sound: Notes for a Soundscape for a Radio Program on Nanotechnologies, Essays in Sound 1, Contemporary Sound Arts (1992). pdf

Music, Desire and the Social, NMA 8, (1990). pdf