Ian Andrews


Tri-phase clocks

Tri-phase (2011)

video, 1' 23"

This is a sound piece made for an exhibition at SNO called "Tribute to the Triangle." The show brings together works from ParisCONCRET (Paris), MINUS SPACE (New York), and SNO (Sydney). The work consists of the sound generated by three cheap mechanical clocks which slip in and out of phase with each other. The clocks are amplifed by contact mics and amplifiers, and the sound is delivered through three small speakers. Another component of the piece is the triangle of time difference. Each clock is set to the time of its corresponding city, forming a conceptual time triangle. This work is not a sculture or readymade. The physical objects function only as instruments for generating the sound, and props for manifesting the concept.

The soundwork is a phase piece in the sense of Steve Reich's early phase pieces sich as Piano Phase, and Pendulum Music.