Ian Andrews


Corner Piece #1 (2012)

Corner Piece #1 (2011) Installation view

Corner Piece #1, Verge Gallery, Sydney, Novemeber 2012, 19 inch CRT monitor, wooden doors, SD video, stereo audio - installation view - exhibition opening. SpeedShow 3: Bouncing off the walls..., Curated by: Libby Elisabeth Warren

The work references Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting in a Room (1969), and Mary Lucier's Polaroid Image Series (1969-1974).

The soundtrack is made up of 33 sequential generations of room tone successively recorded 'through the air' onto cassette tape.

The video is made up of 33 sequential generations of video image of the recording space (a corner) successively recorded electronically via analogue composite video onto VHS tape.

Each generation is five seconds in duration.

The slow descent in tone of the ambient sound is due to the very slight difference in playback speed of the record and playback cassette decks