Ian Andrews


Banding (Blackband-whiteband), 2010, duration: infinite, 240KB

This piece utilises sine waves of 22 frequencies related to a logarithmic series. These tones are played and superimposed in a random order that continues indefinitely. Each tone is compressed according to a specific compression algorithm independently in both left and right channels. The piece utilises the various idiosyncrasies, inadequacies, and ‘primitive’ audio capacities of the Adobe™ (Macromedia™) Flash authoring system and player, in order to achieve its compositional and textural complexity.
The visual component involves the generation of graphic patterns out of iterations of the words ‘black armband’ and ‘white blindfold’—derogatory terms for the supposedly opposing versions of Australian history—and black and white bands (rectangles, lines), on alternating black and white backgrounds.