Arlunya VPS210: Australian made video processing amplifier and sync pulse generator. Functions as a proc amp with composite video in and out, and as a genlockable sync pulse generator with individual pulse outputs. Proc amp controls: burst level, burst phase, chroma level, video level, pedestal (black level), white limit, sync level and H phase. Inputs: Composite video loop thru (BNC), Subcarrier, 2H clock, line drive and composite sync. Outputs: 2 x proc amp video out, line drive, composite sync, vertical drive, 2H clock, burst flag, PAL ID, subcarrier. All above inputs and outputs are on BNCs plus there is an Auxillary D25 connector which has all the pulses at TTL level. The proc amp has back porch clamping to reduce hum and replaces original sync and blanking pulses. Some units have an optional oven to increase the subcarrier frequency accuracy.

Uses: The VPS210 is an excellent processing amplifier, the controls have heaps of range. It also works well as a stand alone sync pulse generator for use with older video switchers. I have found the clamping to be really useful (eg. when feeding the unclamped output of a consumer video mixer such as the Panasonic MX10 into an Amiga genlock or other DC level sensitive piece of equipment). It is also useful for H phasing genlocked sources (that don't have H phase controls, such as MX10 mixers, some Amiga genlocks, etc).


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