cut with the kitchen knife, gnaw, C90 cassette, lymph 03, 1983.

stays my tongue

disco psychotic

voice of civilisation

we all play dead

bedlam is not jam

sang Freud

the brazen head

blood pressure

5000 sentries

glacial sweat

nocturnal diseases

rubber in our lives

hybrid spinter

radio lapse


no guns

evil jiggin



nightshade heresy





A cassette recorded and released in 1983 on lymph products, Sydney Australia.

Most of this tape has been lost due to being recorded on defective Ampex Grandmaster 456 quarter inch tape. The tracks listed in italics are from the only remaing masters which are on PCM format on betamax tape. The other tracks, dubbed from existing cassettes, were sent to me by Paul Gough and Rene Peschar.

The first five tracks were produced on 4 track over a couple of nights in preperation for a performance at Art Unit in 1983. Six of the lost tracks were recorded on 8 track at Terse. Thanks to Tom Ellard & John Jacobs.