Collective Monotone

Collective Monotone No. 1
Stereo audio, 56:55

A collective soundwork partly in homage to Yves Klein’s Symphonie Monoton-Silence (1949-1961) to accompany Collective Monochrome No 26 (initiated by Billy Gruner and Sarah Keighery).
Artists were asked to submit a sustained tone of the note E of any duration. The sound could be processed in any way and was not required to be a pure tone.

The piece was made for Cementa13 at Kandos, NSW, Australia and accompanied Grunner and Keighery's Collective Monotone No. 26.

Participating Artists:
Gary Bradbury (Sydney)
Steve Burnett (USA)
Ronnie Cramer (USA)
Michael Graeve (Melbourne)
Richard Glover (UK)
Olivia Holland (Sydney)
Tamara Larsson (Sydney)
Bernhard Living (UK)
Mario Sarramian (Madrid)
Gary Warner (Sydney)
Wired Lab (Cootamundra)
Ian Andrews (Sydney)

The sounds were arranged and mixed by aleatory procedures, and a recording was made of 1 hour, 44minutes and 33 seconds. This is an edited version.